Therapy has helped me change my life! I have learned how to control my emotions and deal with things in my past that I was not able to let go of over many years. I felt so comfortable every session to let it out and let it go.
— J. D.

Happy Clients


Before Manifest Life Counseling existed, Mica coached me through some of my roughest times. She is genuine, compassionate, and never judged me. She never told me what to do, but guided me to follow my own journey. She helped me discover self-love and responsibility for my life and choices. She is amazing!

— L.J.

I support Mica in this endeavor because I know that her passion is helping others. She is trustworthy and has so much experience in this helping field.

— M. H. G

The best part of therapy has been group therapy. Being able to be with others, battling the same struggles is powerful. The groups feel supportive and connected. I recommend them for anyone needing social support.

— S.P.

Working through a marriage can be tough. It affects the entire family. My therapist began working with me individually, but then began marriage and family. I never knew how much everyone was affected until then, we worked through it as a family, and I am so grateful for that.

— A.B.