Liberating Ourselves Through Understanding Self-Actualization


Manifest Life Counseling builds on your true desire for happiness and purpose, while instilling hope and teaching how to maintain control through choice and coping as you manifest your life toward self-actualization- our pinnacle need.


Our Services

Manifest Life Counseling (MLC) provides mental health services for those seeking support and treatment. MLC offers individual, couples, and family therapy for adults and children. MLC also offers group therapy and treatment specific interventions such for ADHD work groups, Self-Esteem, Premarital/Marriage, Mindfulness & Meditation, Anger Management, Social Skills and Healthy Relationships, Substance Abuse, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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What Is Therapy?

Therapy, or Psychotherapy, is the process of working with a state licensed professional to explore and process past traumas, emotional dysregulation, and/or challenge behavioral impairments affecting your daily functioning. Therapy supports problematic areas in your life by the process of identification, learning, and application. Therapy can be encountered by face-to-face (individual, family, or group setting); as well as a via Online Therapy, which is also referred to as e-counseling or teletherapy (encrypted web-cam, text, or email).

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Our Commitment

Manifest Life Counseling is committed to the LOTUS motto- Liberating Ourselves Through Understanding Self-actualization.  Our services are geared to assisting you with maximizing your potential and learning how to function in the best way you are capable.  Self-actualization promotes acceptance, growth, value, and purpose.  Among a hierarchy of other needs, you move toward creating a capacity to appreciate your own life experiences as you begin to develop a deeper and more profound relationship with yourself and others. 

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Meet The Owner & Therapist

Mica Brownfield, MA, NCC, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in an array of mental health disorders with a passion to support you reach your individual potential.


"Change begins inward- through an insightful journey of deep reflection of our thoughts, patterns, behaviors, & unresolved feelings."

— M. Brownfield, MA, NCC, LPC



“Instead of Mica just giving her opinion, she would motivate me to come up with my own ideas, offering different perspectives on the situation, and assisting me to make the best choice for myself.” - Client